Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Art of JJ Marreiro - 01

JJ Marreiro began a work with drawings, comics and illustrations in 1991 teaching drawing class for children and drawing illustrations and comics for educational material. He published newspaper strips, magazine illustrations, and made book covers. He produced artwork for DC Comics, AK Comics, Moonstone and others. He created the characters Beto Foguete (aka Bob Rocket), Stunning Woman, Zohrn among others.
Contacts for orders and jobs
E-Mail: jjmarreiro@gmail.com
JJ Marreiro (on Facebook)
JJ Marreiro Deviantart
JJ Marreiro Tumblr
Instagram: @jjmarreiro or click here

The Vintage art of JJ Marreiro on Jeca Tatu's Blog ( link )
JJ Marreiro Artes do Capitão Gralha ( link )
JJ Marreiro Artes da Mulher-Estupenda  ( link )
Soon:    Galery 02     Galery 03     Galery 04    Galery 05

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